Activities in La Vienne

Entertainment in La Vienne

La Vienne offers as many activities & events as you can possibly wish … heritage, discovery, culture and fun … everything is just as entertaining as it is interesting …

Please read on for a presentation of a few!

The Automobile Museum – Châtellerault

The collection of the Automobile museum illustrates the history of the automobile in everyday life and it offers a comprehensive history of the bicycle, motorcycle, scooter and moped. On display are the rare automobiles – Panhard et Levassor 1893, the1929 Voisin C14 – and prototypes – Longchamp Coucy 1953 – alongside popular cars such as the Ford T or the 2CV. One of the strengths of these collections is the presentation of a beautiful series of scooters and motorcycles of French origin, supplemented by auxiliary motor bikes and mopeds, a specialty which has revolutionized the French motorcycle industry since 1950. In addition to these vehicles, the museum presents an interesting set of engines, accessories (lamps, travel trunks, etc.), and advertising posters.

The end of the visit displays some treasures of the former Sully museum collection, made up of sixteen thousand pieces, archaeological objects, headdresses, châtelleraudaises weapons but also art works to give an overview of the history of the city and the country.

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Theatre Blossac – Châtellerault

Set in the 19th century in a former church, the Chatellerault theater then the heart of the artistic and cultural life of the city. Created on the model of theaters “Italian”, it has a horseshoe room, lavishly redecorated in 1899 and remained virtually unchanged since. As for the stage house, it now offers an almost unique example in France, with the theater of Marie Antoinette at Versailles, machinery equipped with Italian: curbs and stage below carts, wooden poles and drums , son and stilted, pulleys, decorations chassis …

Closed since 1977, the theater has been between 2011 and 2013, an impressive restoration. With its sets and vintage machinery, it is today a historic place as a place of artistic creation: the discreet integration of new equipment allows to happen again on stage.

The service of Art and History of the Urban Community of Châtelleraudais offers year-round guided tours by reservation for groups as well as discoveries, and thematic tours (machinery, workshops, fun visit …) during school holidays and some weekends for individuals.

On the program: discovery of ceremonial spaces (peristyle hall, fireplace, Redoute) and the original stage curtain, stroll through the theater and its different levels (ground floor, balconies, chicken) visit the scene cage a part of the machinery, scenery in store …

The visit ended with watching a film about the adventure of restoration.





Parc de Saint-Cyr – Saint-Cyr

One area of 300 ha where distraction and relaxation await you: beach and swimming, waterslide.

Monitoring swimming in July and August.

Sailing center can practice windsurfing, sailing dinghies, catamarans, optimists, paddle. Rent canoes, kayaks, paddle boat or ATV.

For fun and usability, beach volleyball, beach soccer, sandball, ultimate, beach rugby, football, agorespace.

Children’s play areas.

Fishing, petanque.

Fitness trail, orienteering.

On site: snack bar, camping ****.



Giants of the Sky – Chauvigny

Strong emotions and sensations guaranteed!

The gigantic walls of the baronial castle of the medieval city of Chauvigny host a high-flying show, where evolve birds from around the world. Marvel at the dizzying dives eagles and falcons.



Futuroscope – Jaunay-Clan

Futuroscope, you can not imagine all that awaits you.

Fun, fantastic, magical and futuristic … In 2015, Futuroscope you still full of surprises!

In February, it pulsates at the Arena Xperiences fun, new completely dingo training center where new fun games between sport and entertainment have been designed to give you maximum sensations: breathtaking slides, Sprint, Flying ball, laser training, mind ball … Move your body, have a blast! It is you who made the show!

From April, immerse yourself in a fantastic world of The Mysteries of Kube, a live show combining acrobatics, dance and digital arts at the heart of a scenic innivant device. Also new Apprentices Fire, a life-size game dedicated to the whole family.

And always: The machine Travel through time with the Rabbids.



Source Spa La Roche-Posay – La Roche-Posay

Spa Source de la Roche-Posay is a unique place, friendly, warm, inviting you to a rare moment of relaxation in a suspended time.

Pioneer thermal spas in France, the Spa of La Roche-Posay is a place dedicated to well-being and relaxation.

This beautiful place thought in the spirit of a country chic spa discovered in an alley of roses and rosemary behind large plane trees in an immensely relaxing.

This is where lies the water velvet Roche Posay to provide you the best of Vichy massages, baths, scrubs, wraps.

Massages of the world take you into total relaxation.

Expert Station skin since the beginning of the last century, it is the only place you will find the facial rituals Roche-Posay specially designed for using the famous Spa and the Roche-Posay creams for sensitive skin. Other body and facial treatments are designed as close to nature and using plants.

Velvet mineral water, plants, nature is everywhere even in the relaxation gardens.

The materials used, slates, wood everywhere, old bricks reinforce that feeling of authenticity, serenity, in a healing word.

Pool, sauna, steam room, patios, large areas of relaxation, healthy breakfast and simple around a central fireplace make it an absolute pampering.

Finally, the Spa also has a unit dedicated to the Anti-Aging. There, dermatologists and aestheticians are with you in a stage of diagnosis and prevention and correction of aging skin.

La Roche-Posay, charming station equipped with all amenities, offers numerous activities: Casino and slot machines, an 18 hole golf course, the racecourse and the equestrian center.





Interpretation Centre of the Roc Wizards – Angles-sur-l’Anglin

Everyone can discover Angles sur l’Anglin (Vienna), the frieze of Roc-aux-Wizards, carved, engraved and painted there 15,000 years exposed to the light of the history of arts and sciences.

Located in one of the most beautiful villages in France, the frieze Magdalenian Roc-aux-Wizards was discovered in 1950, but has remained inaccessible to the public for conservation reasons.

Today, a center devoted to it to allow everyone to discover this major work of prehistoric, almost unique, that specialists see as a “Lascaux of sculpture”. The center, directed by Oscar Fuentes, is the result of close collaboration between a scientific team led by Geneviève Pinçon and creators on scenario, architecture, landscape, museum, musical decomposition, and virtual reality.

The sculpted frieze, engraved and painted, long over 20 meters, is rendered in 3D scale. It is at the heart of a virtual system at once dreamlike and teaching which invites everyone to form his own idea of the universe of the first sculptors of the world who lived there ago 15 000 years.

Located near the village of Angles-sur-l’Anglin, the original protected site is still the subject of scientific studies campaigns. The Centre intends to make long-term account of new discoveries and questions that are sure to arouse.


http://www.roc-aux-sorciers. com



Crocodile Planet – Civaux

Be transported into a tropical universe where over 200 crocodiles in a greenhouse with a unique architecture. Among the new species, discover the smallest and the largest reptile in the world. With a weight of one tonne and 7-8 meters, which is the saltwater crocodile predator impressed by his power and presence.

After visiting the nursery where crocodiles are born, the panoramic terrace will allow you to look over different geographical areas. You will discover each species along walkways decorated caves or suspension bridges.

It is through a universe of lush tropical plants you can admire alligators in China and the Mississippi, Nile crocodiles, false gharial … Hundreds of species of tropical plants with you to meet these mythical and fascinating animals.


http://www.planete-crocodiles. com



City of Writing and Book Crafts – Montmorillon

Occasional entertainment (July-August demonstrations, introductory workshops, exhibitions …) and unmissable: Market ancient books (Easter Sunday), nine Book Fair (mid-June), the Nocturne Candle (August 14) …

Crossing the old Gothic bridge from the fourteenth century, the Gartempe, you enter the medieval quarter of Brouard and The City of Writing, a site out of time for book lovers, art lovers, collectors rare books and original families looking for getaways.

Just push the door of one of the bookshops or booksellers to experience a universe apart.

Everyone will find happiness, to the collector avid reader, through the lover of thrillers or science fiction, or simple walker who accidentally discovers a book that interests him.

Calligraphy, illumination, painting either through temporary placements in permanent workshops, or simply visitors, you will discover artists and crafts enthusiasts along the streets of the city.

Do not miss: the numerous original works for gifts that can not be found anywhere else. All year, introductory and advanced courses are offered to groups or individuals, adults or school.

A new unique place in France (free open from Wednesday to Sunday afternoon): The Adventure of typewriters and calculating can admire more than 200 models of machines, some unusual and other centenarians, ancestors of modern computers today.

Finally, charming cafes and restaurants in the heart of the city to eat or just a drink.

Upon arrival, visit The Preface, the point of the City Home (and also be free exhibitions around the writing): A tour map will be given free of charge.




Monkey Valley – Romagne

Monkey Valley, 100% Different!

Find yourself in direct contact with more than 30 species of primates, over 400 animals that flourish in total freedom in a natural environment with trees over an area of 16 ha.

Discover the largest territory of Europe welcoming chimpanzees and the largest gorilla group in France.

Experience the surprising moments: feedings that take place regularly throughout the day.

Monkey Valley has recorded over 500 births since it opened, including 10 baby gorillas grow up in peace.

Various exhibitions present you the scenes of the Valley of the Monkeys: the arrival of a new pet, care, births, conducted research. A film traces the birth of Kwanza, a baby gorillas born in the Valley of the Monkeys!

Excluded: Bonobos!

Monkey Valley is the only wildlife park in France to host Bonobos or Pygmy Chimpanzee (Pan paniscus). Only seven zoos in Europe this species have extraordinary today.

Enjoy a unique chance to see this iconic species in a unique setting: a large building and a territory of more than one hectare.

This species is close to man with 98% common genetic heritage!

Bonobos, from the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo, live in groups, they are arboreal and excellent bipeds. Their diet is mostly vegetarian, composed of plants and fruits.

Bonobos are followers of “friendly sex” sexual relationships have no reproductive purpose but social.

You will be troubled to see everything that brings us! You will love them!

You will also be amazed by the first bonobo born in France! Monkey Valley has the largest group of bonobos in the world!





The Cormenier, Memorial rural – Champniers


Stroll over 30 years of history by beginning with the birth of little Pierre and evolve with it over time. Paillou scarecrow storyteller guide you his steps at school, work in the fields, at the vigil on his tractor with the arrival of mechanization or at his wedding.


Living museum pioneer in France, Le Cormenier invites you to discover the life of a rural village in the early 20th century.

Decorations in the style of yesterday, sparking odors forgotten memories, surprising special effects … The Cormenier immerses you into the old life by extensive technical research and pointed.

In summary: a historical and entertaining journey of more than an hour and a half.

En +: Workshops, bread oven, meals, entertainment, snack bar, green spaces …





Defiplanet ‘: the park – Dienné

Defiplanet ‘Park takes you into a magical adventure where you will live an experience Naturally Different.

All players of your visit, you will make the right choices and correctly answer the puzzles to hope to save the planet from a Grave Danger!

But rest assured: “No need to be a superhero to save the planet.” Throughout your journey you will be helping your “Petit Sabot” guide. With it, you will first acquaintance with different villages and world animals (camels, Poitou Donkeys, Lamas …). You will learn the ancient techniques particularly necessary for life in harmony on Earth.

Then you will enter in a magical forest where elves and leprechauns as they will help you in your quest for truth. You will still be attentive to the little creatures of the forest, avoid their jokes or climb onto the roof of the forest to get to the finals and hope to achieve your ultimate goal: to save the Blue Planet.

In 2015, Defiplanet ‘Park will celebrate one of the four elements: “The Earth”. This will be the opportunity for visitors to discover many plant species often ignored or endangered.

Defiplanet ‘the park is an adventure to live with family or friends, located less than 25 minutes from Poitiers Futuroscope.

Allow approximately 3:30 tour.

Can picnic on the park.





Abbey Church of Saint-Savin-sur-Gartempe – Saint-Savin

Guided tour of the Abbey of Saint-Savin with a speaker or free visit with accompanying guide plate (abbey, monastery buildings, scenic route), 1h.

A UNESCO World Heritage since 1983, the abbey of Saint Savin houses the largest collection of Romanesque murals in Europe. Freshly restored, come rediscover with their new presentation: fiber optic lighting, wrought iron chandeliers, stained glass windows restored …

The monastic century building hosts the scenic route: films, models, Touch Point with 3D images, dioramas, multimedia benches provide visitors a fun and interactive discovery of the site and paintings by placing them in turn in the historical context, religious and artistic.

This masterpiece of Romanesque art is a must for anyone wishing to discover the Poitou Romanesque and experience a moment of emotion.

See also: the route of the Valley of Frescoes, between Saint-Savin and Saulge, along the Gartempe, connects many monuments decorated with murals. The artists of the past have exercised their talents on the walls of churches, chapels and castles, responding to the order of monks and lords between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries. The tradition of this mural was taken in the nineteenth century.


http://www.abbaye-saint-savin. fr