Our values

Escalier Réception


The principles and values that have always been supported and defended by the Gourmandine team are of rigor, attention to detail, family values, environmental protection …



The team of La Gourmandine, for whom family spirit is essential, make a point to offer you a “high quality” perfect and flawless service with great attention to detail. We are always attentive and pay upmost care to your well-being, the hosts welcome you generously.



Moreover, we are very much involved in safeguarding the environment and have always been aware of the impact of our work ecologically. We are committed to act responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way on a daily basis.



It was in this regard that In 2003, it seemed natural to the owners to move the activity of their restaurant (opened in 1999 located Place Notre Dame, in the heart of the historic district of Chatellerault) to the old fashioned manor which they have now acquired in the hope to give it a new life and thus offer their customers and the public the opportunity to enjoy this exceptional setting.


In 2008, when the proposed hotel construction finally saw light, Ms. Serreau, convinced that it was entirely possible to combine both modern comfort with environmental preservation, approached AFNOR in order to strictly respect the standards as set by the European Eco-label.


Thus she was entirely inspired by the recommendations of the European Commission to equip and arrange the rooms at the Hotel La Gourmandine through the repository published by AFNOR. In order to minimize to the maximum the impact of activity on nature while allowing guests to enjoy all the comfort and benefits of a healthy and high quality service.


Thus, since 2009, the facility is certified.

La Gourmandine