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Brice and Julien first worked together as a team in Avignon, specializing in creating new dishes with enhanced flavours and aromas.

They would like to share with you the delicacies that they have created : simply “food heaven”.

When they first met, 15 years ago, at college, both men wanted to continue their friendship and work together as chefs. Brice was the first to enter the world of cooking, closely followed by Julien. Julien chose the patisserie field to specialise. He has developed real flair for with creating patisserie.

The two friends had their first opportunities to work together in the kitchen of Serge Chenet (MOF), in Avignon, as a second chef cuisine and pâtissier. After working for two years for Serge Chenet, they were invited by Ms Serreau to join the team at her restaurant, based in Chatellerault.

Some three years later, Brice and Julien put their culinary talents to work for the benefit of the restaurant customers.

The friendship of Brice and Julien has enhanced their skill in cuisine with Brice and desserts with Julien.

Julien Serreau, chef pâtissier at the Gourmandine learnt his art while working at the famous restaurant “La table…”, ‘Le Prieuré…” or “le Kilimandjaro”. Like his friend and collegue Brice, Julien has worked with the following top chefs : ……

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Before working at the Gourmandine as a chef cuisine, Brice Joseph has worked in many restaurants suc as “le Scribe”, “le Meurice” or “Le Prieuré…”. He took the opportunity to be trained by the head chefs Yannick… and Serge Chenet (MOF).

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